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Re: [PATCH] roms/opensbi: Upgrade from v0.9 to v1.0

From: Alistair Francis
Subject: Re: [PATCH] roms/opensbi: Upgrade from v0.9 to v1.0
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 08:28:00 +1000

On Wed, Jan 5, 2022 at 11:58 AM Bin Meng <bmeng.cn@gmail.com> wrote:
> Upgrade OpenSBI from v0.9 to v1.0 and the pre-built bios images.
> The v1.0 release includes the following commits:
> ec5274b platform: implement K210 system reset
> 5487cf0 include: sbi: Simplify HSM state define names
> 8df1f9a lib: sbi: Use SBI_HSM_STATE_xyz defines instead of SBI_STATE_xyz 
> defines
> 7c867fd lib: sbi: Rename sbi_hsm_hart_started_mask() function
> 638c948 lib: sbi: Remove redundant sbi_hsm_hart_started() function
> ca864a9 lib: sbi: Fix error codes returned by HSM start() and stop() functions
> 6290a22 include: sbi: Add HSM suspend related defines
> 4b05df6 lib: sbi: Add sbi_hart_reinit() function
> 807d71c include: sbi: Add hart_suspend() platform callback
> 7475689 lib: sbi: Implement SBI HSM suspend function
> b9cf617 include: sbi: Upgrade SBI implementation version to v0.3
> 50d4fde lib: Remove redundant sbi_platform_ipi_clear() calls
> ff5bd94 include: sbi: SBI function IDs for RFENCE extension
> 22d8ee9 firmware: Use lla to access all global symbols
> 0f20e8a firmware: Support position independent execution
> ddad02d lib: sbi: illegal CSR 0x306 access in hpm_allowed()
> bfc85c7 include: headers: Replace __ASSEMBLY__ with __ASSEMBLER__
> 9190ad1 lib/utils: Support the official clint DT bindings
> ca3f358 lib/utils: Drop the 'compat' parameter of fdt_plic_fixup()
> 4edc822 lib/utils: Support fixing up the official DT bindings of PLIC
> 4ef2f5d firware: optimize the exception exit code
> 3d8a952 lib: fix csr detect support
> e71a7c1 firmware: Remove redundant add instruction from trap restore path
> d4a94ea include: types: Add __aligned(x) to define the minimum alignement
> d0e406f include: sbi: Allow direct initialization via SPIN_LOCK_INIT()
> 4d8e2f1 lib: sbi: Replace test-and-set locks by ticket locks
> 70ffc3e lib: sbi: fix atomic_add_return
> 27a16b1 docs: fix link to OpenPiton documentation
> b1df1ac lib: sbi: Domains can be registered only before finalizing domains
> 7495bce lib: sbi: Add sbi_domain_memregion_init() API
> 4dc0001 lib: sbi: Add sbi_domain_root_add_memregion() API
> 8b56980 lib: utils/sys: Add CLINT memregion in the root domain
> fc37c97 lib: sbi: Make the root domain instance global variable
> e7e4bcd lib: utils: Copy over restricted root domain memregions to FDT domains
> f41196a lib: sbi: Make sbi_domain_memregion_initfw() a local function
> c5d0645 lib: utils: Implement "64bit-mmio" property parsing
> 49e422c lib: utils: reset: Add T-HEAD sample platform reset driver
> 0d56293 lib: sbi: Fix sbi_domain_root_add_memregion() for merging memregions
> bf3ef53 firmware: Enable FW_PIC by default
> 1db8436 platform: Remove platform/thead
> 6d1642f docs: generic: Add T-HEAD C9xx series processors
> a3689db lib: sbi: Remove domains_root_regions() platform callback
> 068ca08 lib: sbi: Simplify console platform operations
> 559a8f1 lib: sbi: Simplify timer platform operations
> dc39c7b lib: sbi: Simplify ipi platform operations
> 043d088 lib: sbi: Simplify system reset platform operations
> a84a1dd lib: sbi: Simplify HSM platform operations
> e9a27ab lib: sbi: Show devices provided by platform in boot prints
> 632e27b docs/platform: sifive_fu540: Update U-Boot defconfig name
> 117fb6d lib: utils/serial: Add support for Gaisler APBUART
> 552f53f docs: platform: Sort platform names
> d4177e7 docs: platform: Describe sifive_fu540 as supported generic platform
> 26998f3 platform: Remove sifive/fu540 platform
> f90c4c2 lib: sbi: Have spinlock checks return bool
> e822b75 lib: utils/serial: Support Synopsys DesignWare APB UART
> 6139ab2 Makefile: unconditionally disable SSP
> c9ef2bc lib: utils: Add strncpy macro to libfdt_env.h
> ee7c2b2 lib: utils/fdt: Don't use sbi_string functions
> fe92347 lib: utils/fdt: Replace strcmp with strncmp
> b2dbbc0 lib: Check region base for merging in sbi_domain_root_add_memregion()
> 54d7def lib: utils: Try other FDT drivers when we see SBI_ENODEV
> d9ba653 docs: debugging OpenSBI
> 66c4fca lib: utils: consider ':' in stdout-path
> f30b189 lib: sbi_scratch: remove owner from sbi_scratch_alloc_offset
> a03ea2e platform: andes/ae350: Cosmetic fixes in plicsw.c
> b32fac4 docs/platform: andes-ae350: Fix missing spaces
> de446cc platform: andes/ae350: Drop plicsw_get_pending()
> 434198e platform: andes/ae350: Drop plicsw_ipi_sync()
> 1da3d80 lib: sbi_scratch: zero out scratch memory on all harts
> 360ab88 lib: utils: missing initialization in thead_reset_init
> 79f9b42 lib: sbi: Fix GET_F64_REG inline assembly
> eb90e0a lib: utils/libfdt: Upgrade to v1.6.1 release
> cdcf907 lib: sign conflict in sbi_tlb_entry_process()
> 9901794 lib: sign conflict in wake_coldboot_harts()
> 11c345f lib: simplify sbi_fifo_inplace_update()
> 4519e29 lib: utils/timer: Add ACLINT MTIMER library
> 5a049fe lib: utils/ipi: Add ACLINT MSWI library
> bd5d208 lib: utils: Add FDT parsing API common for both ACLINT and CLINT
> 56fc5f7 lib: utils/ipi: Add FDT based ACLINT MSWI IPI driver
> 03d6bb5 lib: utils/timer: Add FDT based ACLINT MTIMER driver
> a731c7e platform: Replace CLINT library usage with ACLINT library
> b7f2cd2 lib: utils: reset: unify naming of 'sifive_test' device
> 197e089 docs/platform: thead-c9xx: Remove FW_PIC=y
> 17e23b6 platform: generic: Terminate platform.name with null
> 3e8b31a docs: Add device tree bindings for SBI PMU extension
> fde28fa lib: sbi: Detect mcountinihibit support at runtime
> d3a96cc lib: sbi: Remove stray '\' character
> 0829f2b lib: sbi: Detect number of bits implemented in mhpmcounter
> 9c9b4ad lib: sbi: Disable m/scounteren & enable mcountinhibit
> 41ae63c include: Add a list empty check function
> fd9116b lib: sbi: Remove redundant boot time print statement
> 49966db lib: sbi: Use csr_read/write_num to read/update PMU counters
> e7cc7a3 lib: sbi: Add PMU specific platform hooks
> 13d40f2 lib: sbi: Add PMU support
> ae72ec0 utils: fdt: Add fdt helper functions to parse PMU DT nodes
> 37f9b0f lib: sbi: Implement SBI PMU extension
> 764a17d lib: sbi: Implement firmware counters
> ec1b8bb lib: sbi: Improve TLB function naming
> 0e12aa8 platform: generic: Add PMU support
> 14c7f71 firmware: Minor optimization in _scratch_init()
> dafaa0f docs: Correct a typo in platform_guide.md
> abfce9b docs: Make <xyz> visible in the rendered platform guide
> dcb756b firmware: Remove the sanity checks in fw_save_info()
> b88b366 firmware: Define a macro for version of struct fw_dynamic_info
> a76ac44 lib: sbi: Fix sbi_pmu_exit() for systems not having MCOUNTINHIBIT csr
> 7f1be8a fw_base: Don't mark fw_platform_init as both global and weak
> 397afe5 fw_base: Put data in .data rather than .text
> a3d328a firmware: Explicitly pass -pie to the linker, not just the driver
> 09ad811 firmware: Only default FW_PIC to y if supported
> 2942777 Makefile: Support building with Clang and LLVM binutils
> 17729d4 lib: utils: Drop dependency on libgcc by importing part of FreeBSD's 
> libquad
> e931f38 lib: utils/fdt: Add fdt_parse_phandle_with_args() API
> 36b8eff lib: utils/gpio: Add generic GPIO configuration library
> c14f1fe lib: utils/gpio: Add simple FDT based GPIO framework
> 4c3df2a lib: utils/gpio: Add minimal SiFive GPIO driver
> e3d6919 lib: utils/reset: Add generic GPIO reset driver
> 7210e90 firmware: use __SIZEOF_LONG__ for field offsets in fw_dynamic.h
> f3a8f60 include: types: Use __builtin_offsetof when supported
> 8a1475b firmware: Remove the unhelpful alignment codes before fdt relocation
> a4555e5 docs: Document parameters passed to firmware and alignment requirement
> 2c74dc3 docs: Document FW_PIC compile time option
> 81eb708 README: Update toolchain information
> 9890391 Makefile: Manually forward RELAX_FLAG to the assembler when linking 
> with LLD
> 74db0ac firmware: use _fw_start for load address
> 217d5e4 generic: fu740: add workaround for CIP-1200 errata
> ce03c88 lib: utils: remove unused variable in fdt_reset_init
> e928472 lib: utils: support both of gpio-poweroff, gpio-reset
> d244f3d lib: sbi: Fix bug in strncmp function when count is 0
> 47a4765 lib: utils/fdt: Change addr and size to uint64_t
> e0d1b9d lib: utils/timer: Allow separate base addresses for MTIME and MTIMECMP
> 7a3a0cc lib: utils: Extend fdt_get_node_addr_size() for multiple register sets
> f3a0eb8 lib: utils/fdt: Extend fdt_parse_aclint_node() function
> b35f782 lib: utils/timer: Allow ACLINT MTIMER supporting only 32-bit MMIO
> 7aa6c9a lib: utils/timer: Simplify MTIMER synchronization
> 33eac76 lib: sbi: Fix bug in sbi_ecall_rfence that misses checking
> ee27437 lib: sbi_trap: Restore redirect for access faults
> b1d3e91 payloads/test: Add support for SBI v0.2 ecalls
> bd316e2 lib: sbi: Correct typo in faults delegation CSR name
> c262306 lib: sbi: protect dprintf output with spinlock
> 1718b16 lib: sbi: Checking fifo validness in sbi_fifo_is_empty and is_full
> bd35521 lib: sbi: Refine the way to construct platform features
> 0274a96 lib: utils/reset: Sort fdt_reset driver list
> 395ff7e lib: utils/reset: Add a sunxi watchdog reset driver
> 3477f08 lib: sbi: fix ctz bug
> 12753d2 lib: sbi: add some macros to detect BUG at runtime
> 51113fe lib: sbi: Add BUG() macro for csr_read/write_num() and misa_string()
> 72154f4 lib: utils/fdt: Add fdt_parse_timebase_frequency() function
> 12e7af9 lib: sbi: Add timer frequency to struct sbi_timer_device
> 6355155 lib: sbi: Print timer frequency at boot time
> 9d0ab35 lib: sbi: Add generic timer delay loop function
> fa59dd3 lib: utils/reset: use sbi_timer_mdelay() in gpio reset driver
> 754d511 lib: utils: identify supported GPIO reset methods
> 516161c lib: sbi: convert reset to list
> 9283d50 lib: sbi: add priority for reset handler
> c38973e lib: sbi: Save context for all non-retentive suspend types
> 67cbbcb lib: sbi: system reset with invalid parameters
> 422eda4 Makefile: Add build time and compiler info string
> 78c2b19 lib: utils/irqchip: Automatically delegate T-HEAD PLIC access
> 309e8bd lib: utils/reset: Register separate GPIO system reset devices
> 723aa88 lib: sbi: Refine addr format in sbi_printf
> c891acc include: sbi_utils: Introduce an helper to get fdt base address
> 013ba4e lib: sbi: Fix GPA passed to __sbi_hfence_gvma_xyz() functions
> 0979ffd lib: utils/gpio: use list for drivers
> 2fe2f55 lib: sbi: move sbi_boot_print_general()
> 57f094e platform: generic: move fdt_reset_init to final_init
> be245ac lib: sbi: error handling in fdt_reset_init()
> a74daf2 riscv: Add new CSRs introduced by Sscofpmf[1] extension
> 7084ad9 lib: sbi: Update csr_read/write_num for PMU
> 867c653 lib: sbi: Detect Sscofpmf extension at run time
> 9134c36 lib: sbi: Delegate PMU counter overflow interrupt to S mode
> 730f01b lib: sbi: Support sscofpmf extension in OpenSBI
> 2363f95 lib: sbi: Always enable access for all counters
> 0c304b6 lib: sbi: Allow programmable counters to monitor cycle/instret events
> 1e14732 lib: sbi: Reset the mhpmevent value upon counter reset
> b628cfd lib: sbi: Counter info width should be zero indexed
> b28f070 lib: sbi: Enable PMU extension for platforms without mcountinhibit
> 15906a3 lib: utils: Rename the prefix in PMU DT properties
> b8845e4 lib: sbi: Fix initial value mask while updating the counters
> 31fe5a7 lib: sbi: Fix PMP address bits detection
> 94eba23 lib: utils/reset: add priority to gpio reset
> 1d462e0 lib: utils/reset: separate driver init func
> 2c964a2 lib: utils/i2c: Add generic I2C configuration library
> 6ca6bca lib: utils/i2c: Add simple FDT based I2C framework
> 13a1158 lib: utils/i2c: Add minimal SiFive I2C driver
> f374496 platform: sifive_fu740: add platform reset driver
> d335a17 lib: sbi: clear pmpcfg.A before setting in pmp_set()
> 52af6e4 lib: utils: Add LiteX UART support
> 22d556d lib: sbi: Fix spelling of "address" in sbi_domain.c
> 7a22c78 lib: sbi: Fix missing space
> 7e77706 lib: sbi: Resolve the uninitialized complaint in sbi_pmu
> 14faee6 lib: sbi: Improve fatal error handling
> 2428987 lib: pmu: support the event ID encoded by a bitmap.
> 66fbcc0 docs/platform: spike: Enhance Spike examples
> 460041c lib: pmu: check SSCOF before masking
> 69d7e53 Makefile: Fix -msave-restore compile warning with CLANG-10 (or lower)
> d249d65 lib: sbi: Fix compile errors using -Os option
> f270359 Makefile: Improve the method to disable -m(no-)save-restore option
> 2082153 lib: sbi: simplify pmp_set(), pmp_get()
> d30bde3 firmware: Move memcpy/memset mapping to fw_base.S
> 48f91ee include: Bump-up version to 1.0
> Signed-off-by: Bin Meng <bmeng.cn@gmail.com>


Applied to riscv-to-apply.next


> ---
> please pull the full contents from https://github.com/lbmeng/qemu/
> opensbi branch
>  .../opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.bin    | Bin 78680 -> 108504 bytes
>  .../opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.elf    | Bin 727464 -> 838904 bytes
>  .../opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.bin    | Bin 75096 -> 105296 bytes
>  .../opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.elf    | Bin 781264 -> 934696 bytes
>  roms/opensbi                                  |   2 +-
>  5 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)
> diff --git a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.bin 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.bin
> index ae651e2993..dba8e8655f 100644
> Binary files a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.bin and 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.bin differ
> diff --git a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.elf 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.elf
> index 3250d89408..a19363e27c 100644
> Binary files a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.elf and 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv32-generic-fw_dynamic.elf differ
> diff --git a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.bin 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.bin
> index f039884483..f223e56991 100644
> Binary files a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.bin and 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.bin differ
> diff --git a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.elf 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.elf
> index ef261c98d1..c59573d026 100644
> Binary files a/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.elf and 
> b/pc-bios/opensbi-riscv64-generic-fw_dynamic.elf differ
> diff --git a/roms/opensbi b/roms/opensbi
> index 234ed8e427..48f91ee9c9 160000
> --- a/roms/opensbi
> +++ b/roms/opensbi
> @@ -1 +1 @@
> -Subproject commit 234ed8e427f4d92903123199f6590d144e0d9351
> +Subproject commit 48f91ee9c960f048c4a7d1da4447d31e04931e38
> --
> 2.25.1

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