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[RFC PATCH 1/1] target/riscv: Make property names lowercase

From: Tsukasa OI
Subject: [RFC PATCH 1/1] target/riscv: Make property names lowercase
Date: Fri, 13 May 2022 18:46:53 +0900

Many properties for extension names are just in lowercase.  On the other
hand, following extension properties and "Counters" are capitalized.

-   Zifencei
-   Zicsr
-   Zfh
-   Zfhmin
-   Zve32f
-   Zve64f

This commit chooses lowercase as primary property names but keeps
capitalized names as aliases for compatibility.

Signed-off-by: Tsukasa OI <research_trasio@irq.a4lg.com>
 target/riscv/cpu.c | 23 ++++++++++++++++-------
 1 file changed, 16 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/target/riscv/cpu.c b/target/riscv/cpu.c
index ccacdee215..16227a1ac5 100644
--- a/target/riscv/cpu.c
+++ b/target/riscv/cpu.c
@@ -822,17 +822,26 @@ static Property riscv_cpu_properties[] = {
     DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("u", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_u, true),
     DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("v", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_v, false),
     DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("h", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_h, true),
-    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("Counters", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_counters, true),
-    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("Zifencei", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_ifencei, true),
-    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("Zicsr", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_icsr, true),
-    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("Zfh", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zfh, false),
-    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("Zfhmin", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zfhmin, false),
-    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("Zve32f", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zve32f, false),
-    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("Zve64f", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zve64f, false),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("counters", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_counters, true),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("zifencei", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_ifencei, true),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("zicsr", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_icsr, true),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("zfh", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zfh, false),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("zfhmin", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zfhmin, false),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("zve32f", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zve32f, false),
+    DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("zve64f", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zve64f, false),
     DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("mmu", RISCVCPU, cfg.mmu, true),
     DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("pmp", RISCVCPU, cfg.pmp, true),
     DEFINE_PROP_BOOL("debug", RISCVCPU, cfg.debug, true),
+    /* Capitalized aliases */
+    DEFINE_PROP("Counters", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_counters, qdev_prop_bool, bool),
+    DEFINE_PROP("Zifencei", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_ifencei, qdev_prop_bool, bool),
+    DEFINE_PROP("Zicsr", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_icsr, qdev_prop_bool, bool),
+    DEFINE_PROP("Zfh", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zfh, qdev_prop_bool, bool),
+    DEFINE_PROP("Zfhmin", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zfhmin, qdev_prop_bool, bool),
+    DEFINE_PROP("Zve32f", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zve32f, qdev_prop_bool, bool),
+    DEFINE_PROP("Zve64f", RISCVCPU, cfg.ext_zve64f, qdev_prop_bool, bool),
     DEFINE_PROP_STRING("priv_spec", RISCVCPU, cfg.priv_spec),
     DEFINE_PROP_STRING("vext_spec", RISCVCPU, cfg.vext_spec),
     DEFINE_PROP_UINT16("vlen", RISCVCPU, cfg.vlen, 128),

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