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Re: [PATCH V4 0/3] hw/riscv: virt: Enable booting S-mode firmware from p

From: Sunil V L
Subject: Re: [PATCH V4 0/3] hw/riscv: virt: Enable booting S-mode firmware from pflash
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2022 18:02:00 +0530

Hi Gerd,

On Tue, Sep 06, 2022 at 12:41:28PM +0200, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:
>   Hi,
> > 3)Make the EDK2 image size to match with what qemu flash expects
> > truncate -s 32M Build/RiscVVirt/DEBUG_GCC5/FV/RISCV_VIRT.fd
> Hmm, we have that kind of padding on arm too (64M for code and 64M for
> vars) and only a fraction of the space is actually used, which isn't
> exactly ideal.  So not sure it is a good plan to repeat that on riscv.

Yeah.. but it looks like limitation from qemu flash emulation. Do you mean
this limitation exists for arm in general on real flash also?

> Also: Do you have support for persistent efi variables?  If that is the
> case then it makes sense to have separate pflash devices for code and
> variable store.  First because you can map the code part read-only then,
> and second because decoupling code + vars to separate files allows easy
> firmware code updates without loosing the variable store.

Yes, we have persistent variables in my WIP branch. We can easily make it
to create variables as separate file in EDK2. But we will need to
enhance qemu virt machine to create more than 2 flash since the first
one is currently reserved for machine mode firmware. This is a
good input to enhance it in future.


> take care,
>   Gerd

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