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Re: [PATCH] hw/intc: sifive_plic: Renumber the S irqs for numa support

From: Philippe Mathieu-Daudé
Subject: Re: [PATCH] hw/intc: sifive_plic: Renumber the S irqs for numa support
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 13:24:36 +0100
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On 14/11/22 11:34, Frédéric Pétrot wrote:
Le 14/11/2022 à 09:40, Philippe Mathieu-Daudé a écrit :
On 11/11/22 13:19, Frédéric Pétrot wrote:

Eventually we could unify the style:

-- >8 --
@@ -476,11 +476,11 @@ DeviceState *sifive_plic_create(hwaddr addr, char *hart_config,
          CPUState *cpu = qemu_get_cpu(cpu_num);

          if (plic->addr_config[i].mode == PLICMode_M) {
-            qdev_connect_gpio_out(dev, num_harts - plic->hartid_base + cpu_num, +            qdev_connect_gpio_out(dev, cpu_num - hartid_base + num_harts,                                     qdev_get_gpio_in(DEVICE(cpu), IRQ_M_EXT));
          if (plic->addr_config[i].mode == PLICMode_S) {
-            qdev_connect_gpio_out(dev, cpu_num,
+            qdev_connect_gpio_out(dev, cpu_num - hartid_base,hartid_base
                                    qdev_get_gpio_in(DEVICE(cpu), IRQ_S_EXT));

  IIUC hartid_base is used to set plic->hartid_base, so agreed, along with the
   style unification.
   I'll send a v2, then.
   Since Alistair already queued the patch, how shall I proceed?

I didn't notice Alistair queued (he usually send a notification by
responding "queued" to the patches). If it is queued, then too late
(and not a big deal) -- you can still post the v2 and let him pick
it :)

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