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Re: [PATCH V2 04/10] hw/riscv/virt: virt-acpi-build.c: Add basic ACPI ta

From: Palmer Dabbelt
Subject: Re: [PATCH V2 04/10] hw/riscv/virt: virt-acpi-build.c: Add basic ACPI tables
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 08:26:21 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 15 Feb 2023 06:08:10 PST (-0800), sunilvl@ventanamicro.com wrote:
On Tue, Feb 14, 2023 at 05:44:44AM -0300, Daniel Henrique Barboza wrote:

On 2/14/23 00:43, Sunil V L wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 13, 2023 at 03:48:04PM -0300, Daniel Henrique Barboza wrote:

Nah. Doing that now will make this series rely on acks for every other ACPI 
arch to
push the RISC-V side.

Let's make this happen as is now to get ACPI in RISC-V working. We can think 
reducing overall ACPI duplication later. IMO it's enough for now to, mention in 
commit msg, which bits of the arm64 virt-acpi-build.c you changed for this 

Okay. Thanks!. Will update the commit message and send the V3 soon.

I'm checking up on this one as I don't see a v3 on the lists. No rush on my end, I'm just trying to make sure I don't drop the ball on anything from the backlog as I'm catching up.



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