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[qemu-s390x] [PATCH v4] s390x/pci: add common fmb

From: Pierre Morel
Subject: [qemu-s390x] [PATCH v4] s390x/pci: add common fmb
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 18:28:58 +0100

After the last review round I suppressed the fmb_do_update64()
function to have only one single fmb_do_update() to handle
all cases 1,2,4 or 8 bytes.

Patch is tested (for the good case) on Z(KVM) and X(TCG).

Yi Min Zhao (1):
  s390x/pci: add common function measurement block

 hw/s390x/s390-pci-bus.c  |   4 +-
 hw/s390x/s390-pci-bus.h  |  29 +++++++++++
 hw/s390x/s390-pci-inst.c | 129 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 hw/s390x/s390-pci-inst.h |   1 +
 4 files changed, 159 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)



from v3:
- changed commit message according to Conny's comments

In s390-pci-inst.c
- simplify the fmb_do_update() to handle
  all cases from byte to quad. (Conny)

from v2:
In s390-pci-bus:
- Initialize the FMB Format.

In s390-pci-bus.h
- re-organization of the internal counters, having a table for the
  internal counters.

In s390-pci-inst.c
- Internal counters update (LD/ST/STB/RPCIT) is done always.
  even if the FMB if fmb_addr is NULL.
  AFAIU this respect the documentation which only states that FMB
  update is stopped.
- in mpcifc_service_call(), moved the setting of fmb_addr after
  the timer has been stopped.
- fmb_update((), use address_space_stq_be() to handle endianness
  when storing the FMB.
- define the format with 32 bits instead of one char and reserved
  chars, this is easier to handle the FMB copy.
- No update of the DMA fields inside the FMB, as stipulated by the
  documentation when format32 is 0.

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