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Re: [qemu-s390x] [PATCH for-4.2] hw: add compat machines for 4.2

From: Eduardo Habkost
Subject: Re: [qemu-s390x] [PATCH for-4.2] hw: add compat machines for 4.2
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 10:50:17 -0300

On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 12:35:24PM +0200, Cornelia Huck wrote:
> Add 4.2 machine types for arm/i440fx/q35/s390x/spapr.
> For i440fx and q35, unversioned cpu models are still translated
> to -v1, as 0788a56bd1ae ("i386: Make unversioned CPU models be
> aliases") states this should only transition to the latest cpu
> model version in 4.3 (or later).
> Signed-off-by: Cornelia Huck <address@hidden>

Reviewed-by: Eduardo Habkost <address@hidden>

I plan to queue it for 4.2, but I think it's OK to queue this in
parallel through other trees if necessary (so patches that depend
on the new machine types can be queued too).


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