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Re: Suspicious QOM types without instance/class size

From: David Gibson
Subject: Re: Suspicious QOM types without instance/class size
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2020 11:47:32 +1000

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 05:55:29PM -0400, Eduardo Habkost wrote:
> While trying to convert TypeInfo declarations to the new
> OBJECT_DECLARE* macros, I've stumbled on a few suspicious cases
> where instance_size or class_size is not set, despite having type
> checker macros that use a specific type.
> The ones with "WARNING" are abstract types (maybe not serious if
> subclasses set the appropriate sizes).  The ones with "ERROR"
> don't seem to be abstract types.

Comment on the ones within my area:
> WARNING: hw/input/adb.c:310:1: class_size should be set to 
> sizeof(ADBDeviceClass)?

Yeah, that looks like a bug (though we'll get away with it because
it's abstract).

> WARNING: hw/ppc/pnv_lpc.c:771:1: instance_size should be set to 
> sizeof(PnvLpcController)?


Should I make fixes for these, or will you?

> ERROR: hw/ppc/spapr_drc.c:771:1: instance_size should be set to 
> sizeof(SpaprDrc)?

I'm confused by this one.  I'm not exactly sure which definition is
tripping the error, and AFAICT they should all be correctly inheriting
instance_size from either TYPE_SPAPR_DR_CONNECTOR or
TYPE_SPAPR_DRC_PHSYICAL.  If anything, it looks like
TYPE_SPAPR_DRC_PHB could drop it's explicit override of instance_size.

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