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Re: [RFC v2 04/13] target/s390x: remove tcg-stub.c

From: David Hildenbrand
Subject: Re: [RFC v2 04/13] target/s390x: remove tcg-stub.c
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 15:04:41 +0200
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On 20.04.21 15:00, Claudio Fontana wrote:
On 4/20/21 2:54 PM, David Hildenbrand wrote:
On 20.04.21 12:36, Claudio Fontana wrote:
now that we protect all calls to the tcg-specific functions
with if (tcg_enabled()), we do not need the TCG stub anymore.

You need compile-time checks, not runtime checks. Any calls have to be
protected by #ifdef, otherwise the compiler might bail out.

This is not true though, tcg_enabled() is #defined as 0 if tcg is not enabled.

#define kvm_enabled()           (0)

Compiler will elide the code if after the preprocessor pass the code is:

if (0) {

Just that we are talking about the same thing:

The following will fail to compile

void main(void)
        if (0) {
                return hello("Test");

You at least need the prototypes. But I guess we still keep them and really only remove the stubs -- which works because the linker will never stumble over them.


David / dhildenb

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