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[PULL 05/20] s390x/ioinst: Fix wrong MSCH alignment check on little endi

From: Thomas Huth
Subject: [PULL 05/20] s390x/ioinst: Fix wrong MSCH alignment check on little endian
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2021 15:14:34 +0200

From: David Hildenbrand <david@redhat.com>

schib->pmcw.chars is 32bit, not 16bit. This fixes the kvm-unit-tests
"css" test, which fails with:

  FAIL: Channel Subsystem: measurement block format1: Unaligned MB origin:
  Program interrupt: expected(21) == received(0)

Because we end up not injecting an operand program exception.

Fixes: a54b8ac340c2 ("css: SCHIB measurement block origin must be aligned")
Cc: Halil Pasic <pasic@linux.ibm.com>
Cc: Cornelia Huck <cohuck@redhat.com>
Cc: Christian Borntraeger <borntraeger@de.ibm.com>
Cc: Richard Henderson <richard.henderson@linaro.org>
Cc: Thomas Huth <thuth@redhat.com>
Cc: Pierre Morel <pmorel@linux.ibm.com>
Cc: qemu-s390x@nongnu.org
Signed-off-by: David Hildenbrand <david@redhat.com>
Reviewed-by: Halil Pasic <pasic@linux.ibm.com>
Reviewed-by: Thomas Huth <thuth@redhat.com>
Reviewed-by: Pierre Morel <pmorel@linux.ibm.com>
Message-Id: <20210805143753.86520-1-david@redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: Cornelia Huck <cohuck@redhat.com>
Signed-off-by: Thomas Huth <thuth@redhat.com>
 target/s390x/ioinst.c | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/target/s390x/ioinst.c b/target/s390x/ioinst.c
index 4eb0a7a9f8..bdae5090bc 100644
--- a/target/s390x/ioinst.c
+++ b/target/s390x/ioinst.c
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ static int ioinst_schib_valid(SCHIB *schib)
     /* for MB format 1 bits 26-31 of word 11 must be 0 */
     /* MBA uses words 10 and 11, it means align on 2**6 */
-    if ((be16_to_cpu(schib->pmcw.chars) & PMCW_CHARS_MASK_MBFC) &&
+    if ((be32_to_cpu(schib->pmcw.chars) & PMCW_CHARS_MASK_MBFC) &&
         (be64_to_cpu(schib->mba) & 0x03fUL)) {
         return 0;

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