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Re: [PULL 37/40] monitor: Tidy up find_device_state()

From: Richard Henderson
Subject: Re: [PULL 37/40] monitor: Tidy up find_device_state()
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 12:15:31 -0700
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On 10/15/21 4:08 AM, Christian Borntraeger wrote:

Am 13.10.21 um 11:07 schrieb Paolo Bonzini:
From: Markus Armbruster <armbru@redhat.com>

Commit 6287d827d4 "monitor: allow device_del to accept QOM paths"
extended find_device_state() to accept QOM paths in addition to qdev
IDs.  This added a checked conversion to TYPE_DEVICE at the end, which
duplicates the check done for the qdev ID case earlier, except it sets
a *different* error: GenericError "ID is not a hotpluggable device"
when passed a QOM path, and DeviceNotFound "Device 'ID' not found"
when passed a qdev ID.  Fortunately, the latter won't happen as long
as we add only devices to /machine/peripheral/.

Earlier, commit b6cc36abb2 "qdev: device_del: Search for to be
unplugged device in 'peripheral' container" rewrote the lookup by qdev
ID to use QOM instead of qdev_find_recursive(), so it can handle
buss-less devices.  It does so by constructing an absolute QOM path.
Works, but object_resolve_path_component() is easier.  Switching to it
also gets rid of the unclean duplication described above.

While there, avoid converting to TYPE_DEVICE twice, first to check
whether it's possible, and then for real.

This one broke qemu iotest 280 on s390:

280   fail       [13:06:19] [13:06:19]   0.3s   (last: 0.3s)  output mismatch (see 280.out.bad)
--- /home/cborntra/REPOS/qemu/tests/qemu-iotests/280.out
+++ 280.out.bad
@@ -37,14 +37,14 @@
  === Resume the VM and simulate a write request ===
  {"execute": "cont", "arguments": {}}
  {"return": {}}
-{"return": ""}
+{"return": "Error: Device 'vda/virtio-backend' not found\r\n"}

Hmm, this test doesn't seem to have been attempted during staging:


Is there something extra that needs to be installed on s390x.ci.qemu.org to have this test run?


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