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Re: [RFC 0/8] virtio,vhost: Add VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA support

From: Xinying Yu
Subject: Re: [RFC 0/8] virtio,vhost: Add VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA support
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2024 03:21:26 +0000

Of course,  I am glad to do.  And I need to clarify that our use case only support VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA  transport feature on DPDK vDPA framework which the backend type is NET_CLIENT_DRIVER_VHOST_USER and use user_feature_bits. So the new feature add on vdpa_feature_bits  will not under verified in our case.  Not sure this meets your expectations?
One more thing, I would ask how do  I get the full series patch? Do I copy the RFC line by line from this link[1]?


From: Eugenio Perez Martin <eperezma@redhat.com>
Sent: Saturday, March 2, 2024 4:32 AM
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Subject: Re: [RFC 0/8] virtio,vhost: Add VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA support
Hi Wentao / Rick / Xinying Yu,

Would it work for you to test this series on your use cases, so we
make sure everything works as expected?


On Fri, Mar 1, 2024 at 2:44 PM Jonah Palmer <jonah.palmer@oracle.com> wrote:
> The goal of these patches are to add support to a variety of virtio and
> vhost devices for the VIRTIO_F_NOTIFICATION_DATA transport feature. This
> feature indicates that a driver will pass extra data (instead of just a
> virtqueue's index) when notifying the corresponding device.
> The data passed in by the driver when this feature is enabled varies in
> format depending on if the device is using a split or packed virtqueue
> layout:
>  Split VQ
>   - Upper 16 bits: last_avail_idx
>   - Lower 16 bits: virtqueue index
>  Packed VQ
>   - Upper 16 bits: 1-bit wrap counter & 15-bit last_avail_idx
>   - Lower 16 bits: virtqueue index
> Also, due to the limitations of ioeventfd not being able to carry the
> extra provided by the driver, ioeventfd is left disabled for any devices
> using this feature.
> A significant aspect of this effort has been to maintain compatibility
> across different backends. As such, the feature is offered by backend
> devices only when supported, with fallback mechanisms where backend
> support is absent.

Hi Wentao,

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