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[Qemu-trivial] [PATCH] Makefile: Fix parallel building after a clean tre

From: Stefan Berger
Subject: [Qemu-trivial] [PATCH] Makefile: Fix parallel building after a clean tree
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 10:33:50 -0400

This patch fixes a compilation error when building qemu after 'make clean'
by parallel building using 'make -j6' for example. A dependency seems to be 

  GEN   qemu-options.def
  GEN   trace.h
  GEN   qapi-generated/qga-qapi-types.h
  GEN   qapi-generated/qga-qapi-visit.h
  GEN   qapi-generated/qga-qmp-marshal.c
  CC    qga/guest-agent-command-state.o
  CC    qga/guest-agent-commands.o
  GEN   trace.c
  GEN   qemu-img-cmds.h
cc1: error: qapi-generated: No such file or directory [-Werror]
cc1: all warnings being treated as errors

Signed-off-by: Stefan Berger <address@hidden>

 Makefile |    2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

Index: qemu-git/Makefile
--- qemu-git.orig/Makefile
+++ qemu-git/Makefile
@@ -192,6 +192,8 @@ test-qmp-commands.o: $(addprefix $(qapi-
 test-qmp-commands: test-qmp-commands.o qfloat.o qint.o qdict.o qstring.o 
qlist.o qbool.o $(qapi-obj-y) error.o osdep.o qemu-malloc.o $(oslib-obj-y) 
qjson.o json-streamer.o json-lexer.o json-parser.o qerror.o qemu-error.o 
qemu-tool.o $(qapi-dir)/test-qapi-visit.o $(qapi-dir)/test-qapi-types.o 
$(qapi-dir)/test-qmp-marshal.o module.o
 QGALIB=qga/guest-agent-command-state.o qga/guest-agent-commands.o
+$(QGALIB): qemu-ga.o
 qemu-ga.o: $(addprefix $(qapi-dir)/, qga-qapi-types.c qga-qapi-types.h 
qga-qapi-visit.c qga-qmp-marshal.c) $(qapi-obj-y)
 qemu-ga$(EXESUF): qemu-ga.o $(QGALIB) qemu-tool.o qemu-error.o error.o 
$(oslib-obj-y) $(trace-obj-y) $(block-obj-y) $(qobject-obj-y) $(version-obj-y) 
$(qapi-obj-y) qemu-timer-common.o qemu-sockets.o module.o qapi/qmp-dispatch.o 
qapi/qmp-registry.o $(qapi-dir)/qga-qapi-visit.o $(qapi-dir)/qga-qapi-types.o 

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