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Re: [Quilt-dev] Quilt configuration associated with a source code tree/p

From: Martin Quinson
Subject: Re: [Quilt-dev] Quilt configuration associated with a source code tree/patch series
Date: Mon, 5 May 2014 00:04:22 +0200
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Hello Frank,

Sorry for the delay of this answer. I wanted to see whether someone
could come up with a positive answer, and then I forgot it, sorry.

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 10:27:35AM -0400, Frank Bormann wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I am new to quilt and just finished to read through the documentation.
> I was wondering if quilt has any concept of accepting quiltrc configuration
> linked to a particular project/source code tree/patch series.
> I know that there is ~/.quiltrc which binds to a particular individual and
> /etc/quilt.quiltrc that binds to a particular system. I was wondering if
> there is a similar concept where configuration binds to a project/source
> tree/patch series, that I may be missing. Ideally in such way that any
> project configuration may be overridden by the system-wide and individual
> user config files.
> The idea is to track changes to a patch series in a version control system
> and implement branches by having QUILT_SERIES set to different series files
> for each individual branch.

As far as I know, the ability to configure quilt for a given
repository is actually *very* limited. Only the patch directory and
the series file (respectively equivalent to QUILT_PATCHES and
QUILT_SERIES) are saved in the .pc/ directory (in .pc/.quilt_patches
and .pc/.quilt_series).

Actually, I'm not sure I'd advise you to mess with these files
manually. I never temper with the content of .pc myself.

It would be interesting to add the feature that you are speaking of.
The change could be as simple as the following (untested):

diff --git a/quilt/scripts/patchfns.in b/quilt/scripts/patchfns.in
index 5feee9f..d2113ec 100644
--- a/quilt/scripts/patchfns.in
+++ b/quilt/scripts/patchfns.in
@@ -1089,6 +1089,12 @@ fi
+# Source the repository-specific configuration
+if [ -e "$QUILT_PATCHES/quiltrc" ]
+       source "$QUILT_PATCHES/quiltrc"
 if [ -z "$skip_version_check" ] && ! version_check
        printf $"The working tree was created by an older version of quilt. 
Please run 'quilt upgrade'.\n" >&2

Note that this would override the user and global settings instead of
the contrary. Note also that for now, if both /etc/quilt.quiltrc and
~/.quiltrc exist, only the ~/.quiltrc is used while the /etc one is
completely ignored (see at the beginning of bin/quilt.in)

If you guys like the idea of having a configuration file per
source tree, I'll cleanup my patch, document this new feature and

Bye, Mt.

It is easier to port a shell than a shell script.     -- Larry Wall

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