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[Rapp-dev] assert(!error_return) if --enable-debug?

From: Hans-Peter Nilsson
Subject: [Rapp-dev] assert(!error_return) if --enable-debug?
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 18:04:18 +0200

How about adding asserts that the exported functions succeed (as
in not returning an error code)?

Users here have several layers of libraries.  When just updating
RAPP and running unit tests from the upmost layers, those tests
have been known to fail.  A quick way to check whether it's a
failing RAPP call or Something Else would help usability.
Right, they could find all middle-libraries and (find and)
enable their debug options, but that doesn't really improve

Should it be covered by a separate --enable- option or just be
gated on --enable-debug?

The RAPP test-suite tests that verify that the proper error code
is returned would have to be #if'd away, probably with an #else
#warning "Tests verifying error codes are disabled", so I'm
leaning towards a separate --enable- option, perhaps
--enable-asserted-returns (default disabled); better names

brgds, H-P

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