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[RP] Bug ratpoison: window manager doesn't use msgwait option in rcfile

From: CSM 'illovae' Seldon
Subject: [RP] Bug ratpoison: window manager doesn't use msgwait option in rcfile
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 00:41:36 +0200

Hello, I'd like to report a bug found on the last release of ratpoison 1.4.4

First, sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

I have compiled ratpoison 1.4.4 from source on two systems (both under debian
etch) with configure's option "--with-xterm=urxvt". I reproduced the bug too
with all default configure option.

Here is the bug :

ratpoison seems to not parse correctly the "set msgwait <sec>" option in the
rc file ; or if it parse it, ratpoison doesn't use it. I know that by default
msgwait is set to '5'. I put in my ~/.ratpoisonrc on one line :

set msgwait 20

But when I run/restart ratpoison and I run some command to show me a message
in the statusbar it stay 5 seconds and not 20 as I defined it in my rc file.
I've got a proof of that when I run C-t :msgwait ; ratpoison returns me '5'
and not '20'.

Notice that when I configure the msgwait from in ratpoison using :

C-t :msgwait 20

it work very well, id est message of statusbar stay 20 seconds on my screen
and a simple C-t :msgwait return me to good value : 20.

It is not very annoying for an every day use, but I thought that I have to
report this. If you want more information, I stay tuned.

Thanks for this awesome window manager :)


CSM 'illovae' Seldon
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