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[RP] Re: Using dzen, ratpoison, freebsd

From: Dirk Arlt
Subject: [RP] Re: Using dzen, ratpoison, freebsd
Date: Wed, 20 May 2009 13:05:42 +0200
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Rob Paisley <paisley-fBzVes0d2/ZWk0Htik3J/address@hidden> wrote:
> Dirk Arlt:
> I'm not sure what your question is here.  Why aren't you satisfied
> with your two scripts here?
I'd like add a Mailchecker (which i found but did not get it to
work), diskspace, network-usage, calendar, window-list and such...

> One thing I noticed is there is no sleep in your loop(s) so the
> shell spins and updates your stats probably a lot more often than you
> care about.  Consider adding at least a "sleep 1" to your loop(s).
Thanks, i added that.

What i wanted to ask: Does anybody use the combination freebsd,
ratpoison, dzen and what scripts are you using.

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