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Re: [RP] Active screen?

From: Brian May
Subject: Re: [RP] Active screen?
Date: Sat, 1 Aug 2009 11:56:35 +1000
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On Sat, Aug 01, 2009 at 01:19:51AM +0200, Martin wrote:
> I've finally entered the 21:th century & have gotten myself a dual-head setup.
> This has complicated my use of ratpoison to some degree, when I found that I
> needed to know which monitor that is currently the active one, but found no
> easy way to have ratpoison tell it to me.
> This is the script I wrote.
> Has anyone else wanted to find the currently active monitor? Did you solve it
> more elegantly than this? Is there perhaps a way to have ratpoison tell it
> right away?

I definitely would like to see better support for multiple monitors in 

However, typically I don't have this problem. Maybe because I have more then
one frame per monitor, and finding the active frame is a bigger issue?

My issues I have are more along the lines of:

* Save/restore frames don't work properly with multiple monitors.

* What windows are being displayed? I would really like it if "C-t w" would
highlight the windows which I currently can see on all frames), as this would
make it easier to find that hidden window I am looking for.

* Ratpoison seems to maintain a stack of windows in their last access order. 
is what is used when pushing c-T c-T. Would be really useful if I could see the
3rd or 4th recently accessed window as well as the 2nd one (consider sending a
bug report from thunderbird - I select have to select the firefox window, and
then compose, which creates a new window for the email - then I have to try
and find the initial console window again with the details of the error).

* A seperate list of windows for each frame could be very useful at times.

* Ability to disable the dedicate mode, which I am constantly entering with no
idea how. Windows keep opening in the wrong frame.

* scim and ratpoison don't interact well together, and I often end up not being
able to type into a window for no apparent reason, even though it definitely has
focus, and is receiving keyboard events (as shown with xev). This doesn't
happen with other window managers or scim unloaded.

* As a result of this last problem, I find it difficult to work out at times
which window has keyboard focus, because I start typing and nothing happens.
Having some applications behave in weird and wonderful ways doesn't help. Such
as gnucash, which wants me to mouse click before it will accept keyboard input.
I have to go through a checklist to try and work out why the keyboard isn't
working: does it have focus? Is it a scim issue? Is an an application issue? Is
the keyboard plugged in properly? Or something else?

* I am also thinking of switching away from ratpoison as a result.
Brian May <address@hidden>

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