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Re: using --remove-older-than takes a very long time?

From: Derek Atkins
Subject: Re: using --remove-older-than takes a very long time?
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2020 10:50:01 -0500
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"Eric L." <address@hidden> writes:

> I don't think so but it probably depends on how many backups it has to
> remove.

So that first run it had to remove 7.  Normally it's just removing 1 (as
it runs once per day).  However the difference in runtime between
removing 7 and removing 1 was definitely not 7x the runtime.  But it
definitely spends more time on the remove-old-backups than it does
backing up the day's changes.

> A profiling as such is possible at python level but I would start with
> just calling the removal option with `-v9`, it should give you/us a
> first hint as the date/times for each action are logged.

I now have some multi-megabyte emails detailing the last few days of
processing (modulo some VM system crashes that happened over the
weekend).  There are dozens of operations per second (or more -- I
haven't looked closely), but still thousands of operations as it runs
for hours.  Frankly I'm not sure what I am looking at/for here.

I'm happy to share a log email (privately) if someone wants to look at
it with me?


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       address@hidden             www.ihtfp.com
       Computer and Internet Security Consultant

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