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Parallel Installation RPM for Python2 (rdiff-backup-1)

From: Frank Crawford
Subject: Parallel Installation RPM for Python2 (rdiff-backup-1)
Date: Sun, 03 May 2020 22:34:42 +1000
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I have made available a Python2 version of rdiff-backup 1.2.8 which can
be installed along with the current Python3 version of rdiff-backup for
currently supported Fedora and EPEL systems.

The package is named "python2-rdiff-backup" and installs the python
script "rdiff-backup-1".  It does not install additional executables,
or documentation, as these are supplied by the current version.

To run it just run "rdiff-backup-1" with the same arguments as the
current version of "rdiff-backup".

This should only be needed on a master backup server as all slaves
should only need a single version.

It can be installed with:

dnf copr enable frankcrawford/python2-rdiff-backup

or download the yum repo file from 

For EPEL-8 you will also have to download 
as it is not currently available in EPEL-8.

Note that I will not be offering any support for application issues
with this version, although I will look at packaging issue, if they are


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