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Re: Question around of remote description

From: Eric L. Zolf
Subject: Re: Question around of remote description
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2020 07:30:14 +0200
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once again thanks for the all the good feedback. As said, we keep the
complicated pattern matching for the description, allowing to escape colons.

Thanks, Eric

On 18/06/2020 05:20, Robert Nichols wrote:
> On 6/17/20 1:15 AM, Eric L. Zolf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> in the course of the review of PR #404 we came to challenge the quite
>> complex quoting rules allowed when you backup to/from a remote location.
>> Our question is if anybody is relying on those (too) complex quoting
>> rules to make their backup work? Else it'll allow us to radically
>> simplify the code.
>> More details: if you backup to/from a remote site, the description is of
>> the form `host::path` (e.g. `rdiff-backup /home
>> myuser@myhost::/srv/backup/homebak`), and the current quoting allows to
>> have the double colons (::) somewhere in the `host` or `path` part of
>> the remote description. And the question is if anybody knows of a
>> concrete use case for this possibility?
> On my CentOS 6 system, "locate :: | wc -l" returns 2544, all of which
> are under /usr/share/man. While it is inconceivable that I would ever
> have one of those names in a backup source or destination, it is quite
> possible that I might want to restore one of those files.

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