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Re: Reverting backup location to a previous state

From: rainbowx
Subject: Re: Reverting backup location to a previous state
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2020 19:04:45 +0000

Using mailing lists is a bit new to me so I hope this will end up in the right 
place, otherwise I'm sorry!

With regards to deleting files taking a long time, I didn't mean that the 
actual file operations would be slow but rather that I have a pretty extensive 
exclude list with a bunch of globbing patterns. So I meant that tracking down 
which directories and files should have been excluded and then deleting each of 
them would be time consuming for me.

But thanks for the great article on how to revert the backup state, that will 
definitely come in handy. I don't have to try it out quite yet but I should be 
able to get some results later this week with a bit of luck.

I appreciate the quick responses!

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