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[Repo-criteria-discuss] Should the "extra credit" really be extra?

From: Niels Nesse
Subject: [Repo-criteria-discuss] Should the "extra credit" really be extra?
Date: Wed, 04 Nov 2015 11:37:06 -0800
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I recently discovered the "GNU ethical repository criteria" page. I am very happy that this issue is being addressed. There has been too much apathy about the practices of hosts by free software developers.

I do have one issue with the way the criteria are structured however. I think use of an "extra credit" section undervalues the privacy issues addressed in that section. I can think of many ways a host could abuse data collected about me (without using tracking cookies) that would make me not even want to put the provider in a "Good" category. I'd suggest removing this category and distribute it's concerns throughout the sections. You could grade providers based on how transparent their privacy policy is, how much information they track, how often it is purged, etc. You should have to have an excellent approach to user privacy to get an "A", a good approach to privacy to get a "B", etc.


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