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Re: What does it matter, does not meet C-level for a long tim

From: Dmitry Alexandrov
Subject: Re: What does it matter, does not meet C-level for a long time
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 18:09:11 +0300
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bill-auger <> wrote:
> the answer is most likely that things have changed; and these things need to 
> be re-evaluated from time to time - evaluations are done by members of the 
> community - are you volunteering?

There is actually nothing much to volunteer to, I already mentioned all the 
essential points: website is unusable without ad-hoc software, which 
is not free because no sources are provided (sourcemaps are bogus).

> in my experience, github is very usable without javascript

There are some issues (long discussions, for instance), but yes, usable.  Plus, 
their official desktop client is nonfree merely to the same extent as Firefox 
is nonfree, that is because of trademarks.

What spoils the things is the registration, which contains sophisticated 
CAPTCHA.  Not the Google╩╝s one like on, yet it imposes you to run 
javascripts, which are not free.  And due to the very nature of CAPTCHA, I bet, 
there is no chances to work around it.

> - the list was made several years ago now - probably all of the current 
> examples should be re-evaluated is also quite freedom-friendly nowadays, except, again, the CAPTCHA 
while registration.

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