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Re: Gitlab's "C" rating is overrated; add netneutrality; evaluate Playst

From: _
Subject: Re: Gitlab's "C" rating is overrated; add netneutrality; evaluate Playstore & F-Droid
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2020 00:59:20 +0000

The GNU ethical repository criteria concern "services for hosting parts
of the GNU operating system" or "for publicly hosting free source code
(and optionally executable programs too)". I don't really know how
F-Droid and Google Play work, but if they are like apt and similar, they
are really for hosting binaries, even if source packages are also
available. They would need different rating criteria.

If F-Droid and Google Play are to be rated, we could create criteria
for rating software distribution softwares. On the other hand, maybe
there is no point, as I suppose it would largely be a weaker version
of operating system certification. Surely it's less bad if you use
F-Droid than Google Play, but it's already bad that you are using
Android, so maybe you should switch to PureOS.

And here's another source code hosting service that we could rate.

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