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Re: Gitlab's "C" rating is overrated; add netneutrality; evaluate Playst

From: Aaron Wolf
Subject: Re: Gitlab's "C" rating is overrated; add netneutrality; evaluate Playstore & F-Droid
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 18:40:41 -0800

Exactly, thanks for quoting the relevant bits. We could make an
additional criteria set for binary repos like this. I see the value
there. But it would not be the same criteria exactly, even if similar.

On 2020-01-13 4:59 p.m., address@hidden wrote:
> The GNU ethical repository criteria concern "services for hosting parts
> of the GNU operating system" or "for publicly hosting free source code
> (and optionally executable programs too)". I don't really know how
> F-Droid and Google Play work, but if they are like apt and similar, they
> are really for hosting binaries, even if source packages are also
> available. They would need different rating criteria.
> If F-Droid and Google Play are to be rated, we could create criteria
> for rating software distribution softwares. On the other hand, maybe
> there is no point, as I suppose it would largely be a weaker version
> of operating system certification. Surely it's less bad if you use
> F-Droid than Google Play, but it's already bad that you are using
> Android, so maybe you should switch to PureOS.
> And here's another source code hosting service that we could rate.

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