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Re: SourceHut Ethical Repository Evaluation

From: Jack Pearson
Subject: Re: SourceHut Ethical Repository Evaluation
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 12:17:39 -0800
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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the feedback.

> it would be helpful if you gave precise references to where/how
> one would locate the failing criteria - for example, at which
> URL, document, or source code file, would one see "various Linux
> distros and BSDs"?

"various Linux distros and BSDs" is on the project homepage,, under the "Powerful continuous integration"
section. Here's an archived copy of the page:

Here's a citation for A6:

A6: Fails, first paragraph on homepage reads "This suite of open source

I couldn't come up with a good way to cite failures A4 or A9:

A4: Fails, can be verified by simply creating a public repo and not
adding a license. You'll see a warning on your repo home page once
you've added a commit, but you'll be allowed to continue.

A9: Fails, can be verified by creating a repo and not stating your
license in each file. No warning is given as long as you create a
license file in the project root.

I'm not super familiar with the codebase, so I just accepted the word of
the primary developer, Drew DeVault, on the A+ criteria. He discusses
them here:
Also in that thread, he says that he has no intention of fulfilling A4,
A8, or A9. So the A+ criteria are kind of moot in this case anyway.

Let me know if there's anything else I can improve,

- Jack

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