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clarification of (C0 vs B0) and ( C0-0 vs A0)

From: bill-auger
Subject: clarification of (C0 vs B0) and ( C0-0 vs A0)
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2021 08:58:23 -0400

in summarizing each criteria for the evaluations checklist, it
occurred to me that C0, and B0 are ambiguous, or confusing at
best - in fact, the lesser C0 appears to be a stronger criteria
than B0

> All important site functionality that's enabled for use with
> that package works correctly (though it need not look as nice)
> in free browsers, including IceCat, without running any nonfree
> software sent by the site. (C0)

> All code sent to the user's browser must be free software and
> labeled for LibreJS or other suitable free automatic license
> analyzer, regardless of whether the site functions when the user
> disables this code. (B0)

so, 'C0' specifies that if some important functionality requires
running scripts; those scripts must be freely licensed

but, 'B0' allows for functionality to be broken if the user
disables client-side scripting - it appears to suggest that 'B0'
can pass, even if 'C0' does not (presumably, if the broken
functionality is not "important"?)

if the wording of 'B0' is implying that some "unimportant"
features may be broken, when client-side scripting is disabled,
then 'C0' already covers that; and 'B0' adds only LibreJS

on that assumption, i summarized them as:
  C0: Freely licensed JS for essential features
  B0: Compatible with LibreJS (or equivalent tool)

regarding C0-0 vs A0:

> Regarding sending code that runs on the JavaScript platform,
> any such code used by an important site function either
> (1) is free software, and labeled properly for LibreJS to recognize as free,
> or (2) isn't necessary, so that the function works properly 
> even if JavaScript is disabled in the browser. (C0.0)

> All important site functions work correctly (though may not look as nice)
> when the user disables execution of JavaScript and other code sent by the 
> site. (A0)

it seems to me that "(1)" is identical to 'B0' and "(2)" is
identical to 'A0'; so i summarized C0-0 as:

  C0-0: Either: 'B0' with CCS for client-code scripts, or 'A0'

what i am unsure about, is that 'C0-0' explicitly requires
complete corresponding sources, but B0 does not (thats why i
added the qualifier) - but doesn't "labeled for LibreJS" entail a
reference to the complete un-minified sources? - if it does,
then 'B0' appears to be identical to 'C0-0 (1)', and the summary
could be simpler:

  C0-0: Either: 'B0', or 'A0'

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