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Re: Re: Please review

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Re: Please review
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2021 23:36:38 -0400

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  > 9. Does it discourage bad licensing practices? (no license, unclear
  > licensing, GPL N only).
  > Yes. When making a repo, the licences that you can choose from are clear in
  > their naming and cannot therefore be unclear. It allows
  > not having a license, but it recommends that you choose one from those
  > available.

Could you show me the list of licensing options they present?

  > 16. Does it make sure not to recommend services that are SaaSS
  > <>?
  > >Yes, because they avoid using proprietary software as part of their
  > infrastructure to be completely independent.

There may be a misunderstanding here.  SaaSS is NOT the same thing as
using nonfree software.
is supposed to explain what SaaSS means, but maybe it was not clear.

Anyway, for this please put down "not sure" as the answer; someone else
will determine the answer later.

  > 17. Do they say “free software,” not “open source.”?
  > >No, as they use the neutral term "Free and Open Source Software" and "Open
  > Source", like in their Mission Statement:

Disappointing.  Note that "Free and Open Source Software" is _meant_ to
be neutral, but in practice it does not achieve that goal.  To be
neutral, you should say "Free/Libre and Open Source Software", or "FLOSS".


  > 19. Do they avoid saying “Linux” without “GNU” when referring to GNU/Linux?
  > >I'm not sure about this, as the topic isn't mentioned on any of their
  > websites.

Since they never handle this _wrong_, I think they pass that test.

  > 26. Is all data contributed by the project owner and contributors
  > exportable in a machine-readable format?

  > >No. It might be possible one day though.(Does git count?)

I don't understand "(Does git count?)", sorry.

  > is rated C because it doesn't follow one criterion in grade B:

We can give them grade C for now.

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