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Re: Please review

Subject: Re: Please review
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 2021 14:13:20 +1000
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Richard Stallman <> writes:

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Based on what you told me recently (please dorward that discussion here), codeberg DOES encourage unclear licensing. In particular, it doesn't
distinguish clearly between GPL-3-only and GPL-3-or-later,
and does not tell or guide users to carry out properly whichever
one the user has chosen.

 So Codeberg fails B2.

I filled in B2 based on answer to Q9 at There's also Q13 but that is for A2.

I looked at the codeberg doc for this question, and noticed that it points users to, and for choice of licenses ( ):

License Here, you can choose from a list of FSF/OSI approved licenses. A LICENSE file will then be added to the repository. For some help on choosing the correct license, check for example the GNU Operating System, the Open Source Initiative or the websites.

I'm not sure if the choice of licenses is discussed elsewhere on the docs.

By the way I could not navigate the with librejs on:

blocked scripts in

External script with no known license

External script with no known license

Does that mean it fails C0?


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