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{PATCH}: update C2,C5

From: bill-auger
Subject: {PATCH}: update C2,C5
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2021 19:23:04 -0400

attached is a patch to update the github entry, per:

in addition to those changes, there is one other change that
could be made - the entry for github has a special note:

> The worst thing that GitHub does is
> to encourage bad licensing practice: failure to include a
> license, failure to state the license on each source file, and
> failure to specify “version 3 or later” when using
> the GNU GPL.

im pretty sure that no forge does all of those things, or
mandates them, including savannah - they seems to all be covered
by B2 (Does not encourage unclear licensing), or another
criteria above the 'C' level, so those are not "the worst
thing[s]"; and those discrepancies would be noted anyways, by
some failing criteria

i suggest to remove that note, because those same points also
apply to other forges on the list; yet github is the only one
with that special warning - it is not fair to single-out github
in that way, especially as savannah does not do all of those
things either

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