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Need for some guidelines to improve participation

From: Bert Van de Poel
Subject: Need for some guidelines to improve participation
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 01:52:50 +0200
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Dear fellow repo-criteria-discuss members,

As some of you have remarked (including me), discussions here tend to fizzle before things are properly finished. I would like to point to an in my opinion clear explanation why this keeps happening and would like to hear from others if their limited participation stems from the same origins.

Specifically, I've noticed a tendency by some of the more active members of this list to answer a single email in several steps. Either splitting up a single email into several responses, or responding first to the original and then to some of the other reactions. This creates a thread structures that's far from linear and I would say even makes it truly look like a nine headed hydra. For the past three or so weekends I had planned to tackle my unread email from this list, but found myself ever more demotivated by just even vaguely trying to grasp who exactly has been responding to who and where discussions were going. As the thread view of the codeberg thread (attached as a screenshot to this email) illustrates, once you get behind a few days it's far from easy to catch up.

I fear that like me, many members here find it hard to motivate themselves to wade through split up argumentation. I would personally much prefer if discussions were kept more linear. If people feel like we should mix discussion of several criteria within a single thread, then I suggest we start completely new threads with a separate subject for each criteria, though I personally don't see why we couldn't all discuss them in one, linear thread. Of course, in practice it's far from realistic to always stay perfectly linear, but it is my belief that more people would get involved and give their opinion on this list if the discussions were more structured and linear.

I hope to hear from those members who have been less active, and see what their take on the matter is. If of course I'm alone in this concern I'll gladly keep my frustrations about this to myself, but if others have these same problems, I suggest we should adhere certain guidelines in the spirit of better participation and cooperation.

Kind regards,
Bert Van de Poel

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