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Re: Please review

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Please review
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 19:22:57 -0400

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  > i think that the "gist" of the SaaSS definition, is that it
  > covers any computing task, which could be done on one local
  > machine, or at least one controlled by the user

That's more or less the right distinction.  I'm not sure whether it is
exactly the same distinction.  The aim is to divide everything up into
activies of computation and activities of communication.  The
computation you (singular or plural) should do on a machine you control.
The communication can't be done that way, so use the network.

  > do much more than publishing - they are complete applications -
  > they actually simulate several discrete applications (bug
  > tracking, code review, signature verification, forum, mailing
  > lists) - also live alerts / web-hooks / @mentions, third-party
  > API integrations, and other webby bells-and-whistles

Bug tracking is communication.  Signature verification is a part of
communication.  The forum is communication.  The mailing list is
communication.  Alerts are communication.

I don't understand "code review" in this context.  As I understand it,
that can only be done by humans, not by machines.  But if a machine
could do it, you should have your own machine do it.

I don't understand what the other things mean -- the items are too
terse to tell me.

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