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[task #15586] A webpage for Maneage

From: Pedram Ashfoteh Ardakani
Subject: [task #15586] A webpage for Maneage
Date: Wed, 6 May 2020 18:06:24 -0400 (EDT)
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Update of task #15586 (project reproduce):

                  Status:                    Done => In Progress            
        Percent Complete:                    100% => 30%                    
             Open/Closed:                  Closed => Open                   


Follow-up Comment #29:

> Good work! They have been merged into the master branch and have been
uploaded to 
Yay! It looks great on my phone too `Samsung A7 2017` :-D
> The download sign behind the "Git" isn't showing properly (on the Android
Firefox and Chrome). It may be best to remove it.
Yes, unfortunately, the `HTML Unicodes` did not work as expected across all
browsers and platforms. Maybe there is a `standard set` of these Unicodes. We
can use them if needed later. In fact, I even replaced the `hamburger` Unicode
label with three pipe `|` characters and rotated them 90degrees! :-D
<> to get it to work everywhere,
and YES, that ... was ... fun! :-D

You can check the latest version here.

> [...] you hadn't put a copyright statement on the CSS file [...]
Thank you!
It's taken care of :-). Actually it's my first time writing a license ^_^ 
Would you mind letting me know if I am following the right licensing
> Later, can you also add a "People" page where we can put a picture and name
of each one of us that have contributed to Maneage.
Good idea!
> Generally, the basic task of setting up a core webpage has been done, but
the webpage will be improved and many things will be added shortly when we
complete the more urgent things.
Great! For a start, maybe we can add a *privacy practice* section. I opened up
the website and let the DuckDuckGo privacy extension
<> have a look at
it, and the website was rated *C+*. There were two major complaints:
1. *Unencrypted Connection*
2. *No Privacy Practices Found*. Privacy practices indicate how much the
personal information that you share with a website is protected. The Privacy
practices of this website have not been reviewed. <>
> The space between the text and the sides browser window is a little too
much, it can be decreased by around 25%-50% maybe ;-).
Where? Do you mean the nested unordered lists in the tutorial section? Or in
general? Could you please send me a screen-shot? It may be some unexpected
behavior that I am not aware of :-(.


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