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[bug #58248] Git depends on Gettext (which is not yet in Maneage)

From: Raul Infante-Sainz
Subject: [bug #58248] Git depends on Gettext (which is not yet in Maneage)
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 05:49:53 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #22, bug #58248 (project reproduce):

Starting from the end. Here you are the components of `libncurses' that have
been installed:

$ ls -l .local/lib/libncurses*

.local/lib/libncurses++.dylib -> libncurses++w.6.dylib
.local/lib/libncurses++w.dylib -> libncurses++w.6.dylib
.local/lib/libncurses.dylib -> libncursesw.6.dylib
.local/lib/libncursesw.dylib -> libncursesw.6.dylib

Then, attached are the three files:
 `bash-output.log': Standard output when installing Bash
 `config.log': Log file generated in the configure step
 `Makefile': Makefile generated just after configure

I tried to replace the directories by shortcuts ;-)

(file #49018, file #49019, file #49020)

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File name: bash-output.log                Size:188 KB

File name: Makefile                       Size:81 KB

File name: config.log                     Size:721 KB


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