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[task #15620] Creating a series of short videos explaining all angles to

From: Boud Roukema
Subject: [task #15620] Creating a series of short videos explaining all angles to Maneage
Date: Thu, 21 May 2020 19:22:34 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #7, task #15620 (project reproduce):

I put a link to the instance of the video
at , since
that seemed more appropriate for specific web pages/URLs.

I agree that one concern with git-LFS would be 
that it apparently needs a third party server. Between
git-LFS and peertube, I think I would tend to go for peertube
as more decentralised - by default, people who view the
video in the web interface do it peer-to-peer by torrent; those 
who select "..." (next to the like/dislike/share icons in the
main interface below the video
have the choice of downloading
by torrent or directly, in any of various compressed formats
that they find convenient. This sounds technically more 
reasonable than git-LFS for human-viewable videos - 
which are not like observational data files.

As for deleting a big file from a git repository, it seems to
me that unless you manage to make the file inaccessible in
the git history by something unrecommended like 
_git reset --hard_, and you make sure that nobody accidentally
re-pushes that part of the history tree up to the public
repository(ies), then it's quite hard to convince _git prune_
and _git gc_ to really get rid of what you think is useless
garbage. I tried this once on in a temporary directory with
a local git repository and was unable to get the .git/
directory down to a small size after trying to delete all
history of a fake big file that I committed and then tried
to "hide" completely. Git is about the worst thing to use
by any group/organisation that is uncomfortable about transparency;
it's just not designed for censorship - unless you remove
the .git/ directory hierarchy itself, losing your whole
git history. And this includes "tidying" by removing big
useless stuff as "censorship". That's my impression, in any 
case; it could be that my git skills were still too elementary.


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