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[task #15741] Continuous integration

From: Mohammadreza Khellat
Subject: [task #15741] Continuous integration
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2020 02:18:17 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #7, task #15741 (project reproduce):

Thanks Mohammad ;)
Yeah, I understand. Creating an automation system might take a lot of effort
in the begining. But of course, if done with proper mindset, it could save a
lot of energy later on.

> Maybe later, you can also add a small to describe the general
purpose, the necessary tools and environment that is necessary to test the
script. I am just curious: is Python the only interface to run BuildBot? 
> When its ready for testing, please add the necessary steps to try it out and
we'll hopefully try it for the next time we want to update Maneage software
(so there is no immediate rush).

Yeah, BuildBot is built upon python3 but as I have mentioned in the body of
the script. 
It would be run in a SandBoxed VertualEnv(python venv module): It would have
all the python libraries and binaries inside the BuildBot Master and Worker
directories and would not need any permission elevation.

Since the primary user of this would have been ourselves and I had only added
a very first preview of a sample BuildBot deployment, I didn't add the In fact, I was hoping you guys would try this out first so then I
would add the README; however, I am adding one now which I guess is gonna
change very much later on.

I have tried to write the script in a very organized manner. It has help and
everything and is informing you what it is doing at each and every step. You
can run it without any flags.

Furthermore, thanks to the BuildBot design, I could write the script in a way
that you can run it cleanly how many times you want.

So you can test it now and let me know if you encountered any issues.

> For macOS indeed, we need a virtual machine, but for things like FreeBSD, or
a few standard/older GNU/Linux distributions, it may be better to use Docker
(it is so much more light-weight than a virtual machine) and designed
precisely for such temporary OS creation and deletions ;-).
> I hope we can get a macOS in a virtual machine! It will facilitate testing
SO MUCH! Hopefully on various versions of macOS!

After the README, I will work on the MacOS VM.


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