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[task #15654] Webpage for videos introducing Maneage

From: Mohammad Akhlaghi
Subject: [task #15654] Webpage for videos introducing Maneage
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2021 20:56:04 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #13, task #15654 (project reproduce):

Thanks a lot for the great description of the problem Boud!

I am also adding Mohammadreza to the discussion, because he is a professional
on such issues (among many others) ;-). Mohammadreza, please see the previous
comment #12 for a full description of the problem.

For the time being (until we find a robust solution), I just added a small
notice under the video: "If the video doesn't load after clicking on it, you
are probably viewing this page on a HTTP protocol. You have two solutions:
either come back with, or watch the video directly on

I just checked by changing the PeerTube link inside the 'iframe' to 'http'
(instead of 'https'). But after doing so, the video wasn't visible in both
HTTPS or HTTP (apparently PeerTube only supports HTTPS).

I should say that HTTPS is not just an issue for China users. Users in Iran
(and I presume many other independent countries that aren't a USA puppet) will
also not be able to load currently.

This is because the particular server I am using to host Maneage (based in
Germany) blocks TLS requests from Iran (and I guess, many other countries): so
in this case atleast, its not Iran that is blocking secure access, the censor
is Germany! I found this out by tracing the network access with the help of
Mohammadreza only recently.

When I originally purchased that host I had no idea about this issue and the
decision was only based on price. It was only recently that I have found out
about it. 

A proper solution to this problem is to move the Maneage server to another
hosting server in a more independent country (maybe Switzerland? We have to
check). I will certainly do this as soon as I have some free time. But if you
have any suggestion, please let me know privately. It is important for me that
Maneage be accessible to as many people as possible, and as independent from
any political whim.

About the HTTPS links we point to, I hope they are in less restrictive
countries. But the user will probably have a way to circumvent the problem
(for example with VPN) if the links don't open and the user feels compelled to
visit them. For the time being, the important thing is that pages within
'' work for such visitors without any extra trouble.


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