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[bug #61026] Coreutils 8.32 known bug for arm64

From: Boud Roukema
Subject: [bug #61026] Coreutils 8.32 known bug for arm64
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 07:41:57 -0400 (EDT)
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Follow-up Comment #2, bug #61026 (project reproduce):

Here's the fix to maneage that I propose to handle arm64:

This should fix coreutils + ghostscript + libpng + fftw (version 3). The
coreutils fix includes a comment that it's temporary and should become
obsolete once coreutils-8.33 is released.

Alternatives for coreutils:

* I don't see the point of including the tarball in the build directory, since
that would not count as part of the source files of the project itself. If we
started a directory _reproduce/software/tarballs/_, then that would violate
the plain-text property of the source (without a gzip|lzip|xzip program and
_tar_ , the tarball is not readable).

* I think a better solution would be to update _import-sources_ as in
, so that _url.conf_ can have e.g. 

coreutils-url =

and _version.conf_ can have e.g. 

coreutils-version = 8.32
coreutils-commit-id = a3c04f8

so that the URL for downloading is

This then requires minor changes in the build script in _basic.mk_  in the
call to _import-source_ and in terms of e.g. the directory name to change to.
This method (as in _elaphrocentre_ above) is generally useful for rapidly
developed research-level software, of which some don't have any versioned
releases at all (like Maneage ;)).

One flaw in trying to use this for coreutils is that the snapshot does not
contain the script _configure_ . The user is expected to use _autoconf_ or
_autoreconf_ . However, since this is part of the *basic* cycle, I'm not sure
if we want to use any dependence on autotools at this stage. Although we do
have earlier installs of _m4_ and _libtool_...


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