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[task #16103] Software update 2022-1

From: Boud Roukema
Subject: [task #16103] Software update 2022-1
Date: Fri, 31 Dec 2021 17:37:05 -0500 (EST)
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Follow-up Comment #6, task #16103 (project reproduce):

Sorry for the ambiguity. I meant through, inclusively, to the verify
checksums, and producing the pdf. Everything looks OK. :)

Just as an aside on the difficulties in reproducibility for the final LaTeX
stages, see this temporary hack [1] that was needed in the 'gevcurvtest'
project [2].  It happened that a minor bug in one texlive program blocked full
LaTeX compilation, and the CTAN mirrors had a README announcing a fix in
version 1.701 of _newtx_, but were - as of a few days ago - still distributing
1.7. In my check of 5255a48, I see that
*is* version 1.701, so my hack is (happily) obsolete (but should do no harm).

I spent a long time trying to trace where *we* had introduced a LaTeX error,
but it was not our fault. It was a coincidence of downloading a LaTeX package
at the moment in between the introduction of a fatal (though minor) bug and it
being fixed. Sooner or later we should think of seeing if there's a way to
handle version-frozen and checksummed texlive packages, rather than the
current situation of live updates. Users will not always realise that this
sort of bug is "low priority" and "easy to fix" and "not the user's fault"...




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