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(patch #5882) separate-translations-0.4.2 - hopefully fixes most bugs in

From: boud
Subject: (patch #5882) separate-translations-0.4.2 - hopefully fixes most bugs in 070618-1
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 02:05:58 +0200 (CEST)

hi samizdat-devel,

Here's a slightly updated separation-translations fix "0.4.2" against
the snapshot.

The main changes are:

* controllers/resource_controller.rb

After relating a reply to its parent article (to become a
translation), the user should be redirected back to the same content
that s/he was looking at before clicking to create the relation, even
though this action may have had an effect on the translation mechanism
(the reply may or may not have now changed from what appears to the user as parent status - this depends on both the language of the reply and the preferred language).

IMHO this is now fixed in this new version of the patch.

* controllers/message_controller.rb

- includes the the bug fix #20303 which IMHO should be noncontroversial

* helpers/message_helper.rb

It can happen (in fact, it's quite realistic in practice) that the
original version of an article is non-wiki, but more
open-editing-aholic users add translations with wiki status. The "open = " section has been corrected so that the open status applies correctly from the user's point of view. Otherwise, the logged in user gets an edit button for the version which s/he cannot
edit, and gets no edit button for the version which s/he can edit.

* helpers/resource_helper.rb

Things could get very messy if both the parent article and its replies
(translations) can independently become related to foci. This change
offers the user the possibility to link the parent article to foci instead of the translation to foci.


i think that with this 0.4.2 patch, the translation functionality of
070618-1 has probably been mostly debugged:

The style of the changes can probably be compactified and otherwise
ruby-ised ;).

Is this too complicated from a design point of view? i don't know.

i think the point of view for the user with the patched 070618
mechanism is definitely better than before: translators should be able
to fairly intuitively provide translations and "monolingual" users
should be able to see their preferred translations (when they exist)
without needing to understand the translation mechanism.

savannah entry:

patch file:


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