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[Savannah-cvs] administration/docs/hacking_savannah hacking_sa...

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] administration/docs/hacking_savannah hacking_sa...
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 10:35:12 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/administration
Module name:    administration
Changes by:     Sylvain Beucler <address@hidden>        04/12/30 15:20:54

Modified files:
        docs/hacking_savannah: hacking_savannah.texi 

Log message:
        Added permissions instructions in the section on importing CVS 


Index: administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi
diff -u administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi:1.87 
--- administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi:1.87     Wed Dec 
29 21:41:31 2004
+++ administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi  Thu Dec 30 
15:20:54 2004
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 \input texinfo   @c -*-texinfo-*-
address@hidden $Id: hacking_savannah.texi,v 1.87 2004/12/29 21:41:31 Beuc Exp $
address@hidden $Id: hacking_savannah.texi,v 1.88 2004/12/30 15:20:54 Beuc Exp $
 @comment %**start of header
 @include version.texi
@@ -2307,7 +2307,9 @@
 # or chown -R root:address@hidden for webcvs
 $ find -type d | xargs chmod 2775
 $ find -type f | xargs chmod 444
+$ chmod 666 CVSROOT/history CVSROOT/val-tags
 $ mv CVSROOT/history 
+$ mv CVSROOT/val-tags 
 # or /savannah/cvsroot/@var{project}/webcvs/@var{project}/CVSROOT for webcvs
 $ rm -rf CVSROOT
 # Takes cares of dot files and keeps permissions
@@ -2322,6 +2324,9 @@
 introduction of GNU Arch (and the loss of repository control) will
 introduce numerous changes, that will also fix this issue.
+TODO: you could tune some script in the savane backend that does the
+job for repositories located in @file{/var/cvs}.
 @node Making a project private, Changing a project's license, Importing a CVS 
repository, Frequent support requests
 @section Making a project private

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