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[Savannah-cvs] administration/docs/hacking_savannah hacking_sa...

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] administration/docs/hacking_savannah hacking_sa...
Date: Sat, 01 Jan 2005 09:56:16 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/administration
Module name:    administration
Changes by:     Sylvain Beucler <address@hidden>        05/01/01 14:44:37

Modified files:
        docs/hacking_savannah: hacking_savannah.texi 

Log message:
        Fixed some typos pointed by Jonathan
        Completed section on dependencies with OS-related considerations


Index: administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi
diff -u administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi:1.88 
--- administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi:1.88     Thu Dec 
30 15:20:54 2004
+++ administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi  Sat Jan  1 
14:44:37 2005
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 \input texinfo   @c -*-texinfo-*-
address@hidden $Id: hacking_savannah.texi,v 1.88 2004/12/30 15:20:54 Beuc Exp $
address@hidden $Id: hacking_savannah.texi,v 1.89 2005/01/01 14:44:37 Beuc Exp $
 @comment %**start of header
 @include version.texi
@@ -657,7 +657,7 @@
 Choose one of the following.
 ex: /etc/savannah
 (Note that the bakend currently looks always in /etc/savannah)
+[/etc/savannah]: @strong{savannah} # defaults to savane (bug)
 Where should we install binaries and scripts?
 ex: /usr/bin
@@ -675,7 +675,7 @@
 What is the database name?
 ex: savannah
+[savannah]: savannah
 Any options to use for ?
 ex: you may add for mysql, if you do not have a ~/.my.cnf
@@ -1007,7 +1007,7 @@
         ** /etc/savannah/ (re)created **
-# mkdir -pm 755 /usr/local/bin/savane
+# mkdir -pm 755 /usr/local/savane/bin
 $ make install
 @end example
@@ -1392,59 +1392,45 @@
 @verbatiminclude shadow.patch1
-$ apt-get build-dep passwd
-$ apt-get source passwd
-$ cd shadow-20000902
-$ patch -p0 < shadow.patch1
-$ tar czf shadow-20000902.tar.gz shadow-20000902
+cd /usr/src
+apt-get build-dep passwd
+apt-get source passwd
+cd shadow-20000902
+tar xzf shadow-20000902.tar.gz
+patch -p0 < ~/shadow.patch1
+tar czf shadow-20000902.tar.gz shadow-20000902
 # -> or maybe apply the changes in build-tree?
-$ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b
-$ cd ..
-$ dpkg -i login_20000902-12_i386.deb
-$ dpkg -i passwd_20000902-12_i386.deb
+dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -uc -b
+cd ..
+dpkg -i login_20000902-12xxx.deb passwd_20000902-12xxx.deb
 @end example
 @item commit_prep+log_accum
-Currently, the latest version of those scripts are in @file{~/}.
+Currently, the latest version is in
-Indications from rao about updating them:
+There is a Makefile that should take care of everything.
-Run @code{perlcc}, which will print out how
+The gcc command that is used is the one that perlcc uses.
+Running @code{perlcc} will print out how
 @command{perlcc} invokes @command{gcc} (there's a one-line-modified
 perlcc on savannah which prints the @command{gcc} command line before
 @command{gcc} is invoked).
-Remove @file{a.out}
-Run @code{perlcc -c}, which generates @file{log_accum.c}
-Run @command{gcc} using the command line from step 1, adding a
address@hidden, and replacing the temporary @file{.c} file with
address@hidden enumerate
-Install @file{log_accum} static binary on a per project basis.
address@hidden quotation
-Incidentally, I found this in the Bash history, it might come in handy:
-cc -static -DDEBIAN -fno-strict-aliasing -I/usr/local/include \
--D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -I/usr/lib/perl/5.6.1/CORE \
--o ./a.out log_accum.c -rdynamic -L/usr/local/lib \
-/usr/lib/perl/5.6.1/auto/DynaLoader/DynaLoader.a \
-/usr/lib/perl/5.6.1/auto/Socket/Socket.a -L/usr/lib/perl/5.6.1/CORE \
--lperl -ldl -lm -lc -lcrypt
address@hidden example
+Then we just added @option{-static}, and replaced the temporary
address@hidden filename.
+The way perlcc invokes gcc may changes, in which case it would be good
+to update the Makefile with the new gcc invocation.
 @end table
+There is also all the installed components in /savannah, including
+Python and turck-mmcache; we should replace this root with some
+debootstrap'd one.
 @section Elfyn
@@ -2752,6 +2738,16 @@
 of us even think they should be taught in Computer Science lessons :)
+The project also has to run under a completely free operating system,
+such as GNU/Linux or FreeBSD. If it runs only under MacOS X or MS
+Windows, it cannot be hosted at Savannah until they make a version for
+the free operating system with an equal of better level of quality and
+features. This only applies to the execution of the project. If it
+runs under a free OS, but is used to perform some work related to a
+non-free OS (eg. edit some Windows-specific files), it can be approved
 Keep in mind that a project released under the GNU GPL cannot have
 GPL-incompatible dependencies. This independent from the Savannah
 hosting criteria.

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