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[Savannah-cvs] administration/docs/hacking_savannah hacking_sa...

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] administration/docs/hacking_savannah hacking_sa...
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 06:40:49 -0500

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/administration
Module name:    administration
Changes by:     Sylvain Beucler <address@hidden>        05/02/13 11:40:48

Modified files:
        docs/hacking_savannah: hacking_savannah.texi 

Log message:
        Added a section about user commnication, and implemented the .my.cnf 


Index: administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi
diff -u administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi:1.94 
--- administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi:1.94     Wed Jan 
12 20:35:04 2005
+++ administration/docs/hacking_savannah/hacking_savannah.texi  Sun Feb 13 
11:40:48 2005
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 \input texinfo   @c -*-texinfo-*-
address@hidden $Id: hacking_savannah.texi,v 1.94 2005/01/12 20:35:04 Beuc Exp $
address@hidden $Id: hacking_savannah.texi,v 1.95 2005/02/13 11:40:48 Beuc Exp $
 @comment %**start of header
 @include version.texi
@@ -631,10 +631,13 @@
 $ chown mysql /savannah/mysqld
 @end example
-[TODO: there is a Perl trick to do as well, regarding the location of
-the MySQL socket. Document it and determine why it is necessary at unlike in my Debian stable]
+For convenience, you can create a @file{~/.my.cnf} file where you can store
+your root password:
address@hidden example
 @node ssmtp, Savane, MySQL, Savannah configuration
@@ -742,7 +745,7 @@
 Any options to use for ?
 ex: you may add for mysql, if you do not have a ~/.my.cnf
 something like -u user -p
-options: # <empty> but TODO: create a .my.conf
 # [TODO: Mailman]
 $ make
@@ -1992,6 +1995,32 @@
 * Changing a project's license::  
 @end menu
address@hidden User communication
address@hidden User communication
+Mathieu Roy wrote ``Gna! owe nothing to users. We do provide a service
+and we are glad to host a big amoung of projects. But admins should
+always keep in mind we have nothing to beg.''
+I do not agree with everything; we owe them some respect for trusting
+us and chosing our platform. But it is true we are, primarily,
+offering a service, not asking for one.
+Having a lot of users is something nice, but keep in mind that we
+privilege quality of quantity. That's why we have such a heavy
+approval process. We prefer to have a few truly free software project,
+that understand our philosophy, rather than a bunch of projects whose
+maintainers vaguely heard about 'open source' :)
+Last, when somebody is leaving, or gets angry about a bug that we
+still didn't have the time or opportunity to fix, keep in mind that
+such people are the best of our users: they communicated with us. Most
+people will simply leave without a word. It is tempting to get angry
+against such users, such 'quitters', but this is not improving
+anything, and will only encourage people to stay silent.
 @node Manually change an e-mail , Unexpected Savannah password change 
notifications, Frequent support requests, Frequent support requests
 @section Manually change an e-mail 

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