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[Savannah-cvs] [87] update for new "allgnu" mirmon instanced,

From: karl
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] [87] update for new "allgnu" mirmon instanced,
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2014 18:28:19 +0000

Revision: 87

Author:   karl
Date:     2014-06-10 18:28:11 +0000 (Tue, 10 Jun 2014)
Log Message:
update for new "allgnu" mirmon instanced,
requested by GNU webmaster Dora Scilipoti,
sv-hackers-private 29 Apr 2014 19:20:46.

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/sviki/Mirmon.mdwn
--- trunk/sviki/Mirmon.mdwn     2014-05-20 23:07:03 UTC (rev 86)
+++ trunk/sviki/Mirmon.mdwn     2014-06-10 18:28:11 UTC (rev 87)
@@ -1,49 +1,78 @@
-Mirmon operates on  We run mirmon for mirrors
-of and of  In each case, there is a
-multiplexor so users can be automatically redirected.
+Our [mirmon]( instance
+operates on  We run [three instances of
+mirmon]( one each for http
+mirrors of and of for use by a multiplexor
+so users can be automatically redirected, and a third for all mirrors of, for human consumption.
-Stuff for GNU:
+The general information page for folks willing to run mirrors for either
+gnu or nongnu is <>.  More mirrors
+are always welcome.  Savannah admins: the process for adding new nongnu
+mirrors is at the end of the [[DownloadArea]] page.
-- gnu mirror list - <>
-    (generated from <>)
-- gnu mirmon conf - `/etc/mirmon-gnu.conf`
-- gnu mirmon web page - <>
-- gnu multiplexor example - <>
-- gnu direct, not multiplexed - <>
+GNU info
-Stuff for nongnu:
+The list of mirrors is <>,
+generated from <>, maintained by webmasters.
-- nongnu mirror list -
+The "gnu" mirmon instance is for the multiplexor that automatically
+redirects downloads to a (hopefully) nearby and up to date mirror.
+Only http urls are included, because everything else has proven too
+unreliable for users in practice.
+- gnu multiplexor mirmon conf - `/etc/mirmon-gnu.conf`
+- gnu multiplexor mirmon web page - 
+- gnu multiplexor download example - <>
+- gnu direct download, not multiplexed - <>
+The "allgnu" mirmon instance is for humans to look at, most notably
+those checking and updating the status of GNU mirrors (a thankless but
+useful task):
+- all gnu mirmon conf - `/etc/mirmon-allgnu.conf`
+- all gnu mirmon web page - <>
+nongnu info
+The savannah mirmon is a multiplexor for, operating
+in the same way:
+- nongnu (Savannah) mirror list -
-    (maintained by hand)
-- nongnu mirmon conf - `/etc/mirmon.conf`
-- nongnu mirmon web page - <>
-- nongnu multiplexor example - <>
-- nongnu direct, not multiplexed -
-    <>)
+    (maintained by sv admins, see [[DownloadArea]])
+- nongnu multiplexor mirmon conf - `/etc/mirmon.conf`
+- nongnu multiplexor mirmon web page - 
+- nongnu multiplexor download example - 
+- nongnu direct download, not multiplexed -
+    <>
-Mirror information/request page for both gnu and nongnu is
-<>. also runs the multiplexor for TeX's CTAN, but we do not run mirmon
+for that, they have their own.  `/root/mirmon/ctan`,
+`/root/bin/`, etc. also runs the multiplexor for CTAN, although we do not run mirmon.
-`/root/mirmon/ctan`, `/root/bin/`, etc.
+More multiplexor and other details
-More details:
-- the list of GNU mirrors for mirmon is in
+- the actual redirection is done in the web server, specifically the
+  module `Apache2::Geo::Mirror->auto_redirect`,
+- which takes the list of GNU mirrors from the file
-- which is automatically created by `dl:/root/bin/`
-  from <>,
-- nightly via `dl:/etc/cron.d/mirmon` cron.
+- which is automatically created by `dl:/root/bin/`
+  from the current mirmon state and the http-only list of mirrors in
+  `dl:/usr/local/share/GeoIP/gnu-download.txt`,
+- which in turn is updated nightly by a `dl:/etc/cron.d/mirmon` cron job
+  running `dl:/root/bin/`.
-In turn, `/usr/local/bin/` uses state file to build
-gnu-download.txt, which is used by `Apache2::Geo::Mirror->auto_redirect`
-to do the redirecting.  Those redirection info files are updated hourly
-(ditto the CTAN and nongnu multiplexors), via other
-`dl:/etc/cron.d/mirmon` cron entries.
+The mirmon state and redirection lists are updated hourly for all three
+multiplexors (gnu, nongnu, ctan), each of which has its own
+`dl:/root/bin/mirrors-*.sh` script run via `mirmon` cron entries;
+likewise the "allgnu" state. The geo location data is updated monthly
+via `dl:/etc/cron.d/maxmind`, stored in `dl:/usr/local/share/GeoIP`.
-The geo location data is stored in `dl:/usr/local/share/GeoIP`, updated
-monthly via `/etc/cron.d/maxmind`.
-Savannah admins: process for adding new nongnu mirrors is at the end of
-the [[DownloadArea]] page.
+A special thing about allgnu: because we want to check rsync urls, we
+want at least mirmon version 1.39 (ca.2009), which is newer than what
+the OS version on dl provides.  So the current mirmon is in
+`dl:/usr/local/share/mirmon` (just unpacking the tarball suffices) and
+the allgnu mirmon job uses that, instead of the OS mirmon.

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