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[Savannah-cvs] administration/content/gnu-content/register req...

From: karl
Subject: [Savannah-cvs] administration/content/gnu-content/register req...
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 22:21:50 +0000 (UTC)

CVSROOT:        /web/administration
Module name:    administration
Changes by:     karl <karl>     16/05/19 22:21:50

Modified files:
        content/gnu-content/register: requirements.txt 

Log message:
        mention requirement for proper license notices


Index: requirements.txt
RCS file: 
retrieving revision 1.21
retrieving revision 1.22
diff -u -b -r1.21 -r1.22
--- requirements.txt    11 Apr 2016 00:22:12 -0000      1.21
+++ requirements.txt    19 May 2016 22:21:50 -0000      1.22
@@ -107,6 +107,16 @@
 href="";>FDL</a>, or other
 licensing which is compatible with that.</p>
+<p>Proper license notices should be applied to, at least, each source
+(non-derived) file in your project.  For example, for the GPL, see the
+page on <a href="";>how to use
+GNU licenses</a>.  In the case of binary source files, such as images,
+it is ok for the license to be stated in a companion <tt>README</tt> or
+similar file.  It is desirable for derived files to also include license
+notices.  A copy of the full text of all applicable licenses should also
+be included in the project.</p>
 <p>If you need to use another license that is not listed, let us know
-and we will review these requests on a case-by-case basis.  Software
-licenses must be GPL-compatible.</p>
+and we, or most likely the FSF licensing group, will review these
+requests on a case-by-case basis.  Software licenses must be

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