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[Savannah-hackers-public] Savane/Savannah group type & group config advi

From: Stanton McCandlish
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] Savane/Savannah group type & group config advice PLEASE?
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 14:06:34 -0700 (PDT)

I have read the Savane documentation (both included and available elsewhere at the savane-doc project at, and asked for some assistance on Gna!'s savane-help list, but I still find the Group and Group Type configuration in savane very confusing (probably because of the lack of documentation).  I am not certain whether this list is a good place to ask questions about Savane, in general, rather than about, but I don't seem to have anywhere else to turn, and Gnu's heavy use of Savane/Savannah indicates to me that there are defintely some people on your end who know how this thing works.
If SourceForge before it went proprietary is configured in the same way as Savane, can anyone point me to pre-proprietary SF documentation that would cover Groups and Group Types and their config fields?

My questions and confusions can be boiled down into the following:
I can't tell what the difference is between a Group and Group Type - both
seem to allow configuration of specific paths for homepages, CVS, etc.  What
would be the point of configuring two groups (projects) to use the same CVS
path, and so on?

What I think I want to do is set up a Group Type, Foo, but just have this be a label.
I want two groups, FooBar and FooBaz, both with independent (though
overlapping) memberships, and their own Savane pages, their own CVS, their
own mailing list(s), etc.  Much like how Savane and Savane-Doc are different
projects at

On the Group Type and at the bottom of the Group pages, what are all of these
fields and how do they work?

Like "Project WWW Homepage".  Won't Savane simply generate one
automatically?  Are Homepage Dir, Homepage URL and Homepage CVSview URL
overrides of what Savane does automatically?

How does one set up webcvs, viewcvs, archzoom, or the like to work with
Savane?  What's the difference between them?  Is any one such program more
recommendable than others?

Primary Source Code Manager: CVS - why can I pick subversion, etc., if this
is for CVS?  What is a "Basic Directory" compared to a "Basic CVS
Directory"?  What is a "CVS Attic/Gna" or "Savannah/GNU" compared to
"Basic CVS Directory"?

How does one set up CVS (which I have installed but have not done anything
with yet) to work with Savane?  All INSTALL.verbose says on the topic is
"add 2 new directories... For Source CVS and HTML cvs", which isn't very
instructive, and doesn't seem to apply to having more than one project.  I need to setup a FooBar Group for coders, and FooBaz Group for internal admin purposes (documents, not code, but tracked in CVS as if they were code) with differential access to each group - most people in FooBar are not going to be in FooBaz.  And I anticipate needing to set up multiple groups for multiple actual projects, e.g. FooBar and FooBaz dev and business purposes, respectively, for project 1, and QuuxBar & QuuxBaz for project 2.  Should Foo and Quux be Group Types, or should all four Groups each be their own Group Type?

Do I have to manually set Repository Dir and a Repository View URL in Group
Type or Group at all?

What is the difference between Primary Source Code Manager: CVS - Repository
View URL, and Project WWW Homepage - Homepage View URL?  Is the later CVS for
the HTML, etc., of the homepage itself?  I don't want to create a custom
fancy homepage for any projects, just use Savane's interface to them, as at for example.  I would like them to have their
own URLs, e.g.

If I enabled both CVS and Subversion would Savane keep them in synch (e.g. if
one project member makes changes via CVS and another changes something via
Subversion, do the two repositories record both sets of changes and merge
them somehow through Savane?)

Basically, I am not understanding how this stuff works - the Group Type
config page says everything is "(created by the backend)"; but if this is
so, why do all these fields exist?

I do see how to integrate MailMan much more clearly than CVS; that part is
pretty obvious.  Still, it is confusing that the Group config allows me to add mailinglists, as many as I like, while the Group Type config just has one.

The custom fields on the Group config page say they're a bad idea to use
("Exceptions are a pain to handle in the long run.")  So should I create
separate Group TYPES for both FooBar and FooBaz?  If so, what is the point of
having a difference between Group Types and Groups if every Group needs its
own individual Group Type?  Can a Group Type and Group have the same name?

Sorry to have so many questions, but the lack of admin documentation makes it
very difficult to understand.  I suppose maybe someone already used to
SourceForge or GForge would perhaps intuitively understand all of this, but
this is my first time using any SF-related system, other than as an end user
downloading stuff from
Many thanks for any assistance.

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