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[Savannah-hackers-public] Transforming CVS into a globally distributed m

From: Bob Thomas
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] Transforming CVS into a globally distributed multi-site development solution
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 08:30:09 -0800

Get Maximum Returns From Offshore Development

For the first time a development team can truly be spread-out across the world and still work as one unit – this is a fundamental requirement for any successful offshore development project.

WANdisco provides the only fault-tolerant multi-site solution that is able to synchronize work from globally distributed development sites in real-time. Unlike competing multi-site solutions, WANdisco doesn't rely on a central transaction coordinator that can easily become a single point of failure. Instead, WANdisco for CVS is installed with each development site’s CVS repository replica. Everyone is effectively working from the same copy of CVS regardless of location. This means that development procedures don’t have to change when development moves offshore and LAN speed performance is achieved over a WAN.

Competing multi-site solutions simply can't synchronize work from globally distributed development sites in a real-time, fault-tolerant manner. This forces changes in software development and delivery procedures that cause delays and increase risk. The cost savings and productivity improvements that should be realized from going offshore are rarely ever achieved.

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"We needed WANdisco's real-time replication capablilities so we could get our developers in India collaborating more closely with our US team"
– Corey Thompson, Plato Learning
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"WANdisco for CVS shortened our development cycle by over 30% and now saves us hundreds of thousands of dollars in IT costs annually"
- Ravi Narayan, Expertus, Inc.
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A Complete Suite of Multi-Site Development Solutions

WANdisco completely changes the game with two multi-site solutions: WANdisco for CVS and WANdisco for CVS Enterprise Edition. Both solutions mean that all of your distributed development teams will be able to work together as one in real-time wherever they're located.

A multi-site solution that enables globally distributed development teams to work as one regardless of time zone or location.
A multi-site solution designed to meet the security and performance needs of large enterprise deployments.


- Security features that go well beyond standard CVS security capabilities, so that valuable intellectual property is protected when development moves offshore.

- WANdisco doesn’t rely on a central transaction coordinator that can easily become a single-point-of-failure.

- Since the development effort is coordinated in real-time, development teams become far more productive - no more time is wasted on painstaking manual resolution of conflicting code changes that may have gone unnoticed for a long time.

- No changes to existing CVS. CVS client configuration changes aren't needed, and all CVS clients are supported. Developers can work as they always have.

- Enhanced monitoring, administration and reporting features.

- When network or server failures occur, WANdisco's self-healing capabilities ensure that recovery happens automatically. Your exposure to risk from human error in a disaster recovery scenario is virtually eliminated.

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Pleasanton CA 94588
Phone: +1 866 846 0404
Fax: +1 866 247 7584

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