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[Savannah-hackers-public] Re: log_accum at Savannah

From: Derek R. Price
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] Re: log_accum at Savannah
Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 11:13:01 -0400
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Sylvain Beucler wrote:
> CVSWeb URLs:

Hi Sylvain,

Are you going to mind if I use ViewCVS's alternate CVSROOT syntax?  It
would make it much easier to write a generic function, if I could. 
(Currently it only happens if -C CVSROOT is specified.)  If so, what is
the CVSROOT ViewCVS is using?  I've tried cvsroot=/sources/testyeight,
cvsroot=/cvsroot/testyeight, and cvsroot=/testyeight for testing and I
can't seem to duplicate the URLs above.



Derek R. Price
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