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[Savannah-hackers-public] Looking for Savannah help

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: [Savannah-hackers-public] Looking for Savannah help
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 23:54:24 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.17+20080114 (2008-01-14)


We discovered that Savannah is cited at :)

This is a good thing, but due to the various paths that information
takes, we were not aware of it.

When you do something in relation to Savannah, could you please send
mails to address@hidden ?

This is embarassing, we received a mail about "applying for the
volunteer opening as a PHP developer", and I don't know what this
person is refering to exactly. Possibly this refers to, but at the same time this text is 1 or 2
months old, so maybe it also refers to something else.

I know I discussed several times, at various occasions with RMS, who
asked what kind of help we needed, in different contexts, but we have
no idea how our answers were eventually advertised and formulated.

So please don't hesitate to send us mail to tell us about your
actions, it will help a lot :)



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